Countermeasures for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

There are still concerns about the econd and third waves of Coronavirus, even though the state of emergency declaration was lifted in May. As economic activerly resumes, we would like you to minimize the risk of infection by using masks and other related products as much as posssible. We are tring to ship masks as quickly as possible to companies that are in a hurry to take countermeasures, but please note that we aer inundated with orders.

NEWFull color print masks

To meet the reopening of the economoy, we propose masks capable of full originality.
You can print full color on the whole surface of popular trethane masks. You can use it for various purposes such as company name, team name, announcement and advertisement.
・For advertising!
・For campaign& sports
・As uniforms
Spec: 100%Polyurethane
Function: wicking and quick-drying, UV protection
Printable on the enteire mask
Free size
We are pleased to announce the relaease of our long awaited face shield, which can be attached to the functiontional cpas and our hats that have been requested by many our customers. We have recieved a lot of inquireires about these products. Now we are ready to ship these items.

NEWFashion mask

Red, blue, brown, white, navy blue, black
FS-MSK All 6 colors
100% polyethylene, quick-drying,

Nobelty masks

White /Navy blue
Quick-drying, sweat absorbing

NEWFace shield for caps

Attachable to PS caps
Transparent face shield
PET material/ repeatable
These masks are also manufactured in our own factory. With the new lifestyles, the number of inquries from companies has been increasing rapdily. You can choose from plain, personalized, or with a message, according to your needs.

(quick dry sweat absorption)

White / Navy blue (plain design)
100% Polyester wicking and quick drying

Protection garment

Simple long-sleeved protecting garment
100% Polyester
F sizing

Message masks

White / Navy blue
Special message printed
We have a variety of products availabe to help you fight infection. Please note that some products are in very limited supply. For more information, please feel free to contact us from the red banner below.
CAP OEM Manufacurere. Annual volume more than 300 millions